Here at St Michael’s we celebrate the Holy Eucharist, commonly called The Mass, Holy Communion, the Divine Liturgy, or the Lord’s Supper, every day of the week. This is not to boast or to seek to be congratulated. All we are doing is obeying the Lord’s command to celebrate this Sacrament frequently in remembrance of him. Having a daily Mass means we are able to offer this Sacrament to those who desire more frequent communion in order to deepen their devotion to Christ. We are most fortunate to have associate clergy affording us the opportunity to celebrate Mass daily.

Sunday Morning, there are two Masses offered for the Faithful:

  • Said Mass (no music, sermon): This Mass, lasts between 45-50 minutes.
  • Sung or High Mass (organ, choir, hymns, sermon): This Mass typically lasts an hour and twenty minutes. Incense may be used at this service.

On Major Holy Days we usually have a morning and evening Mass, and depending on the importance of the day, the evening Mass may be celebrated with Hymns, and other music. In addition, a Pot Luck Dinner may follow the Mass, usually sponsored by one of the parish groups.

Please see the calendar for up-to date mass times and other upcoming events.