Announcements for November 27, 2016

ADVENT WREATHS, Candles and Prayers Orders are available for pick-up today in the parish hall.

CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes go to Kevin and Joelle Bailey, who were joined in Holy Matrimony yesterday afternoon. May every blessing be theirs as they begin their new life together.

TODAY WE BEGIN YEAR A of the Eucharistic Lectionary. Sometimes we call this year “the Year of Matthew”, because St. Matthew’s Gospel is the primary source for our Gospel readings. In the Daily Office (Morning and Evening Prayer) the readings are taken from Year One, with the New Testament Reading (Epistles, Acts, Revelation) the second reading at Morning Prayer. When Evening Prayer is read with two lessons, the Old Testament Lesson is taken from Year Two, the New Testament from the Gospel Lesson in Year One.

A LITURGICAL CHANGE at the 10 o’clock Mass: Starting today, the order at the end of the High Mass will change slightly, in order to properly reflect the extra-liturgical character of the Angelus. Starting today, the order will be: The Blessing, The Dismissal, The Angelus, the Final Hymn. What you will see and hear is that as soon as I have given the Blessing, the Deacon, standing with me at the Altar, will sing the Dismissal. We will then sing the Angelus, and after that, the final Hymn. The only difference between what we have been doing and what will take place starting today is that, once the final hymn is over, the organist will begin the postlude immediately, and both the Deacon and I will be greeting people at the back. For those of you who’ve attended weekday masses, this should be familiar. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! Fr Fraser

NO MASS will be said tomorrow, as Canon Morgan is out of town.

CHURCH SCHOOL next Sunday will meet in the Guild Room for our All-School Advent lesson. See you there!!

OUR STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN FOR 2017 is underway. Please pick up your envelopes in the Narthex which contain Time and Talent Sheets as well as pledge cards. Please consider prayerfully what St. Michael and All Angels’ Church means to you, and help us continue to maintain the traditional Faith of the Episcopal Church in Denver for 2017.

LADIES OF THE CHURCH: Molly Bolin and Margaret Norwood are hosting a Baby Shower for Audrey Mailes in the Parish Hall on December 10th at 2 p.m. Please sign up by Sunday, December 4th in the Narthex. You may contact Margaret Norwood at: with any questions.

ADVENT CALENDARS are available: you should have received one with your November Archangel. There are a few left in the Narthex, if you wish an extra one to give to a friend. Please note our Christmas Service Schedule on the reverse side.

INTINCTION is administered on the pulpit side of the Altar Rail, where the chalice is always administered by the ordained clergy. Please be sure to receive on this side if you receive by intinction.