Announcements for May 3, 2015

THE MAY/JUNE ARCHANGEL is in the Narthex for you to take home with you today.

ON SATURDAY, MAY 9TH, there will be a Royal School of Church Music choir event at 5 PM at Epiphany Church. It will be a short evening service with some lovely music sung by the children. Our Junior Choir will be participating along with choristers from Epiphany and the Cathedral. Please plan to come to support our choristers! The event is free. See Nancy King if you have questions.

PENTECOST GIVE AWAY TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW – The fantastic GRAND PRIZE this year is a night’s stay, winner’s choice, for 2 at the Crawford Hotel in the new Union Station; PLUS a $100 gift card for lunch or dinner at Stoic & Genuine Restaurant or the Mercantile Dining and Pro Restaurant. This fabulous prize is valued at $500 and is courtesy of Jean Day Maschinot of Bonnie Brae Travel. Tickets are $1.00 each and are available in prepared packets of 25, or, individually for any number of tickets. Payable up front.

TICKETS FOR THE ASCENSION DAY ITALIAN DINNER are on sale today in the Narthex! The cost is $15 per adult, free for those 5 and under. The Olive Garden will be catering this delicious meal. Can’t get them today? Tickets will be on sale next Sunday as well.

THE SOCIETY OF MARY meets next Saturday at 10:00 a.m. following the Rosary.

KING SOOPERS RELOADABLE CARDS – On The Day of Pentecost, Sunday, May 24, we will be converting to King Soopers reloadable food voucher cards. Dian Searles will be in the curate’s office that day to answer any questions you might have and provide an information sheet for you to take with you. Both Safeway and Natural Grocers cards will also be available; however, at this time, they will not be reloadable. Thank you for your continued support of this important fundraising program for St. Michael’s.

SOCIETY OF MARY – In May, 2016, St. Michael’s has the honor of hosting the annual Mass and meeting of the National Society of Mary. In preparation, we are sending our local chairman, Russell Kliegel, to this year’s Mass and meeting in New Jersey. In order to do so, we are asking for donations to fund his trip. There is an Easter Basket in the narthex for donations. If you are writing a check, please make it out to St. Michael and All Angels’ Church and write Society of Mary on the memo line. Thank you for your generosity.

LITTLE GLASS JARS are in both arches of the Narthex. The money donated in the jars will be used by members of the Society of Mary to purchase clothes for the clothing bank at the Broadway Assistance Center.

TRANSPORTATION FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE for parishioners who, because of physical limitations, would not otherwise be able to attend church services. A per person cap of $300 has been set in order that the limited funds may be made available to a larger number of parishioners in need. If you or a parishioner you know could benefit from this assistance, please call the office, 303-777-5181.