Announcements for March 29, 2014

YOUR APRIL ARCHANGEL is in the Narthex for you to take home with you today!

THIS SUNDAY’S POSTLUDE is All Glory, Laud and Honor by Michael Burkhardt.

THIS SUNDAY IS THE DEADLINE to return your contributions for the Easter Altar Flowers and Decorations. If you have not returned your envelope but wish to be included in the memorial listing, please do so before you leave today. There are envelopes in the Narthex if you need one.

PLEASE SEE THE BACK OF THIS SUNDAY’S BULLETIN for the Holy Week schedule or refer back to the Easter Letter. Please note that there are no Breakfasts, Dinners, or Bible Study classes this week.

THE PAVER ORDER for the Legacy Garden will be made soon. If you have been considering giving one, now is the time! Order forms are available in the parish hall. If you would like to have yours included in this order, they must be returned by this Tuesday, March 31. The next order will not be placed for more than a year.

THERE IS A SIGN-UP SHEET in the Narthex for the Foot Washing on Maundy Thursday and also for The Watch Thursday through Friday.

DECORATING HELP IS NEEDED on Holy Saturday, April 4th, beginning at 9:30 am to prepare for Easter. Please, we really would like your help to beautify the Church!

A SIGN-UP SHEET FOR THE EASTER VIGIL RECEPTION can be found in both arches of the Narthex. This Sunday is the last day to sign-up.

THE SPRING FLING is fast approaching! It is now less than two weeks away. Do you have your tickets? They are $10 per person and available for purchase today.