Announcements for March 1, 2015

BOOKS ‘N BRUNCH MEETS today at 11:15 am in the Guild Room.

THE MARCH ARCHANGEL is in the Narthex for you to take home. Please be sure to read it as it is full of information you won’t want to miss! Reading it will save you many calls to the office!

THURSDAY MORNING MASS & LENTEN BREAKFAST continues this week with Mass beginning at 7 am. Be sure to sign-up for breakfast in the Narthex.

FRIDAY DINNER, STATIONS OF THE CROSS & BENEDICTION is this Friday at 6:30 pm. Stations follows right after dinner.

SAINT CLARE’S GUILD meets this Saturday at 9:30 am in the Guild Room.

SPRING FORWARD SATURDAY NIGHT as Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 am Sunday morning.

RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE DINNER: The Society of Mary is again preparing and serving dinner for the Denver Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, March 7. There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex for those who wish to help. Everyone is invited to volunteer. In addition there is a large plastic jar in the Narthex for those who wish to donate money toward the purchase of the food.

A VISIT TO THE PARISH – Next Sunday, March 8, Moses Joknhial and his bride, Amer, will be visiting our parish. During Christian Education, Moses will be updating us on the South Sudan Project and introducing Amer.

LITTLE GLASS JARS are in both arches of the Narthex. The money donated in the jars will be used by members of the Society of Mary to purchase clothes for the clothing bank at the Broadway Assistance Center.

TRANSPORTATION FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE for parishioners who, because of physical limitations, would not otherwise be able to attend church services. A per person cap of $300 has been set in order that the limited funds may be made available to a larger number of parishioners in need. If you or a parishioner you know could benefit from this assistance, please call the office, 303-777-5181.