Announcements for November 30, 2014

THE DECEMBER ARCHANGEL is in the Narthex for you to pick-up this Sunday.

YOUR TITHE, TIME AND TALENT PACKET is also in the Narthex. Please take yours home with you today so that they may be returned by Sunday, December 14th.

FOR THOSE WHO ORDERED ADVENT WREATHS, CANDLES AND/OR PRAYERS, they can be picked- up today in the Parish Hall.

THE FEAST OF SAINT ANDREW, APOSTLE & MARTYR is tomorrow, December 1st. The Mass will be celebrated at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm.

SAINT CLARE’S GUILD meets this Saturday at 9:30 am.

CALLING ALL SHEEP, SHEPHERDS, ANGELS AND WISEMEN! Rehearsals for the annual Christmas pageant begin THIS Saturday December 6th, 10am-11 am in the parish hall. All Sunday school children 3 and older are invited to join in the fun! Rehearsals will be from 10-11 each Saturday, except the 13th which will be at 3:30pm because of the Advent Quiet Day. Last rehearsal is December 27th which will be our dress rehearsal and cast party then present our pageant on Sunday December 28th! Come one and come all! For questions, please see Nancy King.

EYC – on the move This Saturday, December 6th (Colorado Gives Day) at St. John’s Cathedral in collaboration with the St. Teresa of Avila Ward of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, EYC will be joining Urban Peak in a fundraising event for homeless youth. Participants are scheduled to walk around St. John’s Cathedral for one hour to raise money and increase awareness of Denver’s estimated 748 homeless youth who walk the streets, without food and shelter, each day. And on December 12th the EYC will cheer on Tristan & Russell Kliegel at the Newman Center (University of Denver)as they sing with the “Sound of the Rockies” barbershop choral group. Tickets are $21. Showtime is 7:30 pm. Contact Gary Stoddard, 303-761-7179.

PAVERS ARE STILL AVAILABLE – You still have the opportunity to purchase pavers for the garden walk. We already have three orders, as soon as we have six, we will send them to the engraver. If you place your order prior to December 31, it will appear on the 2014 pledge report.

BOOKS ‘N BRUNCH meets next Sunday at 11:15 am in the Guild Room.